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Managed Services

AdvantageCS provides managed services for clients wishing to outsource functions such as:

  • Management of the Advantage application processing and reporting
  • Advantage system performance monitoring
  • Database administrator tasks, such as SQL Server administration and operating system updates
  • Hardware administration
  • Advantage user administration
  • Advantage web services administration
  • Uploads and interfaces administration
  • Advantage application configuration management
  • 3rd party software-monitoring and data updates
  • Advantage business continuity and recovery
  • Advantage update management

You can pick and choose the functions you wish to outsource and the ones you want to manage yourself. Our expert staff will work with you to determine the optimum combination of managed services to fit your company’s needs.

AdvantageCS managed services and hosting for publishers

Hosting Services

In addition to managed services, AdvantageCS offers hosting services in the cloud. Our hosting services include virtual servers and remote access in the cloud, database administrator tasks, operating system and database maintenance, monitoring, and connection query handling.

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